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Flowers Preserved in Glass:

Custom Inscriptions available through sandblasted and etched glass.

Wedding & Bridal flowers, pet hair, feathers, mementos, special gifts, and more!

Rose Petal in Glass (See-through), Copper Cord

Custom Work:


Horse Hair Pendant on stacked leather cord.

 Grouse Feather Paperweight (6″ diameter, 2″ thick dome)

 Custom Engraving for East Liberty Presbyterian Church  (Mementos)


Custom Pendants made from 2 Woodpecker Feathers. Feather in glass or Feather on Gold Leaf in glass. (Double-sided and/or see-through)

Custom Hibiscus Panel, 8′ x 15′

Stacked Leather Bracelet, horse hair in glass memoriam.

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  1. Shed Snakeskin on Gold, Stainless Steel
  2. Custom Stamped Poetry ‘Tassel’
  3. Blue Feather on Gold Leaf
  4. Parrot Feather Pendants

Custom Display
February 2017
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!! New product and pricing coming June 2019 !!