PetalVision Glass has a mission to bring joy and inspiration.

Celebrate Nature. Inform. Educate. Life Cycles.

The power of art and imagery can bring about profound social change and transformation. PetalVision Glass aims to make jewelry that makes people think differently about the world around them.

A flower resting on gold leaf instantly transforms the way you think about nature: the familiar becomes otherworldly.

Transforming a familiar object into another material transforms how that object is perceived. Different combinations of materials in glass conjure up different emotions and images.

Thinking critically about the natural and manmade environment takes awareness and time. The patterns inside petals, feathers, and shells are patterns that are re-used in nature constantly. The swirl of a shell is the same spiral shape of the galaxy.

PetalVision Glass preserves the fleeting nature of life.

Artists observe and report back findings, especially when everyone is going about their day. PetalVision Glass captures the beauty in everyday life, or in the mundane. People are often too busy and distracted to realize the world around them.

In this day of modernization from industrialization and mass production, I aim to bring people handmade jewelry that feels radiant yet affordable with a minimal impact to the natural environment.

I also want to inspire young girls to be their own boss.

– Sarah Cohen, PetalVision Glass
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