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PetalVision Glass

National Aviary Parrot Feather Pendant

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Under close inspection and magnifying lenses, these parrot feathers in glass become curious objects. The striping patterns come from the barbs that come off the feathers' quill. Birds molt their feathers naturally to replace old feathers with new ones, which allows us to use their gorgeous shed feathers. A special thanks to The National Aviary, Pittsburgh. 15% of feather jewelry sales will be donated to The National Aviary, Pittsburgh. Thank you!

  • 1-inch diameter glass pendant
  • Double-sided
  • Handmade in Pittsburgh, PA 
  • Made with found objects and recycled materials
  • Natural materials never fade in glass
  • Pendant may have a slight variation from the photo shown due to handmade quality


  • Real parrot feather
  • Laminated glass lenses with gold leaf on the back
  • Silver wire wrap