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PetalVision Glass

National Aviary Penguin Feather Pendant

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the National Aviary! 50% of this sale benefits Marge, the newly hatched chick. 

  • 1-inch diameter glass pendant
  • Double-sided
  • Handmade in Pittsburgh, PA 
  • Made with found objects and recycled materials
  • Natural materials never fade in glass
  • Pendant may have a slight variation from the photo shown due to handmade quality


  • Real penquin feather
  • Laminated glass lenses with silver leaf on the back
  • Silver wire wrap

    Image Credits:
    Lin Kerns: The feathers of Sid, an African penguin, at the Dallas Zoo on Jan. 29, 2015.
    CityPaper photo: Renee Rosensteel
    CityPaper photo by Jordan Miller
    The National Aviary